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Frequently Asked Questions | FAQs

How do I go from pending approval to an approved member?

To become an approved member, you must attend an event. Once you check-in at the event, you will automatically become an approved member and unlock full membership benefits.

Can I become an approved member if I attended an event in the past?

Yes, if you have attended any of our events within the past four years, you will automatically become an approved member once you sign-up.

How do I start my 21 day free trial?

To begin your 21 day free trial, simply visit and select Free Trial under the Access Membership option. Additionally, you can the choose the start date to align with the next upcoming event.


Do I need to become a member to attend events?

No, you can continue attending our networking events without becoming a member.


How do I enable member chat?


To enable the member chat, simply click the three dots on the right side of the member dashboard and select “Edit Profile,” then scroll down to “Profile Visibility” and select “Make Profile Public.”

Can I choose which information shows up in the member directory?

Yes, you have full control over what information is shared in the member directory. To do so, simply go to the Edit Profile page under member dashboard and toggle the hide email or phone number button.

How do I cancel my 21 day free trial?

If you are unsatisfied with our services and would like to cancel your 21 day free trial. Simply email us at to cancel your subscription to the online member platform.


You will still able to login to to your account and purchase tickets for upcoming events, however, you will not be able to access our member services, including: the exclusive member directory, photo gallery, Wonder room, or member chat.

Will my information still be displayed in the member directory once I cancel my subscription?

No, your member profile and info will be archived and not actively displayed in the member directory. Should you choose to renew your subscription, we will re-activate your account and you will show up again in the directory.

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